Tracy Whitaker

7th & 8th Grade classes....



Parents thank you for sharing your most precious gift with us this year. 


Enjoy your summer and read a great book!


Learn to Read and open a whole new world
Take time to read each night after school.



On the first day you will eat breakfast and then report to the gym.  When the bell rings you will be assigned to a room by your last name to recieve instructions for the day and class assignments.  Don't forget to bring paper and pencil on the first day you will need it for your afternoon classes.


School Supplies for 2017-2018

Single Writing Journal
Pair of ear buds for computer usage
Pencils, pen:  black or blue
subject notebook for each class
notebook paper

according pocket folder
4-glue sticks
1 box of washable markers
1 box of kleenex

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