Grading System

 Homework Assignments                                                             40% of total grade

 Tests                                                                              40% of total grade

 Notebooks                                                                          20% of total grade









      NINE WEEKS GRADE will be based on:

  • Classroom Assignments
  • Tests
  • Notebook


    SEMESTER GRADE will be determined by averaging 2 nine weeks final grades.

      If you notice something wrong about your grade/average please let me know asap.


      Student’s 3 ring binder/notebook should contain 5 dividers with the following labels:

  • Homework Ledger/Homework Reminders “ZAP”
  • Current Homework Assignment
  • Graded Assignments
  • Class Notes/Handouts (Algebra 2&3 only)
  • Definitions/Postulates/Theorems/Corollaries/Properties for each chapter (Geometry Class Only)
  • Classroom Procedures


HOMEWORK LEDGER (Assignment Sheet) is kept in front of 3 ring binder/notebook to remind students of:

  • Current homework
  • Missing assignments
  • Average

Remember to keep the HOMEWORK LEDGER updated daily