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February 19-22 1st Hour Modern World History 2nd Hour Geometry 3rd Hour Health 4th Hour Jr. High Girls Athletics 3rd and 4th PE 6th Hour Plan 7th Hour HS Girls Athletics
Monday Chapter 23 Section 1 WWI Begins Chapter 10 Section 1 Solid Figures  Chapter 23 Section 1 Addictive Drugs        
Tuesday Chapter 23 Section 2 WWI Battle Plans Chapter 10 Section 2 Prisms and Cylanders Chapter 23 Section 2 Drug Prevention        
Wednesday Chapter 23 Section 3 The Russian Revolution Chapter 10 Section 3 Cones and Pyramids Chapter 23 Section 3 Marijuana and Steroids        
Thursday Chapter 23 Quiz Chapter 10 Quiz Chapter 24 Section 4 Meth, Cocaine, Heroine        
Friday No School