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 Mrs. Robinson's Fourth Grade Lesson Plans

January 15-19

FOURTH GRADE Wide-ruled notebook paper Several pencil top erasers (3) pkgs. of No.2 pencils (1) 1 subject notebook (1) pkg. highlighters (1) pkg. colored pencils (1) Pair of Scissors (1) 24ct. crayons, no markers (1) Plastic zipper pouch for supplies (1) 8oz Elmer’s glue (3) Red Grading pen $8.00 to school for Supplies for binders, display boards

***Continue to work on Multiplication Facts nightly with your child****



  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math Test #11 13.1 13.2 13.3 13.4
Spelling Week 19
Write 3x
SPB 76 SPB 77
Trial Test #19
Dict #19
SPB 78

Test #19

Social Studies Study Guide WS 110-111 Test #12 Read pp402-406 WS 113-114 Skill: Read pp408-409 WS 115 Read pp410-415 WS 116-117
 Science WS 53-54 WS 55-56 WS 57-58 WS 59-60 Freedom Friday

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