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October 30- November 3



Biology II- 1st and 6th Hour

           Chapter 29 Section 1: Mollusks

Compare the relationship and similarities between mollusks and earthworms; Describe the key characteristics of mollusks; Compare and Describe the various systems of mollusks including the excretory, circulatory, respiratory, and reproductive; Compare the body plans and feeding adaptations of the 3 different groups of mollusks.

7th Grade Life Science- 4th and 5th Hour

              Chapter 2- Cell structure and function

Identify the various methods of moving material into and out of a cell; Discuss the differences between active and passive transport; 


Anatomy/Physiology- 3rd Hour

               Chapter 7- Human Skeletal system

Identify the various bones that make up the Appendicular skeleton; Discuss the bones that make up the Pectoral girdle, the arm bones, and bones of the wrist, palm and fingers;

Identify the bones that comprise the Pelvic girdle, leg bones, and bones of the ankle, foot and toes.

Discuss the different types of breaks and fractures that occur in the skeleton.