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Chemistry 1st hour Percent composition: students will be able to det. the% comp of compounds.  Students will be able to determine the empirical formula of compounds using percent compostion. Sect 2 HD Moles and mass in a reaction lab. Rev ch 7 .Ch 7 test

Physical Science

ch 8 The solar system: Students will know how Galileo, Copernicus and Keppler developed the modern model of the solar system.

Students will know how distance from the sun effects the speed of the planets orbits. 

Assign ws sect 1

Students will know the theories of the origin of the solar system and properties of the outer planets. Rev ch 8 .CH 8 Test
Physical science 4th hour same as 3 rd hour        
Biology 5th hour ch 13 theory of evolution: students will know the earlier theories and how Darwin dev his. ws 1,2 Sect 2 Evidence of evolution: students will know how the fossil record,, embryos and molecular compounds shared by all life indicate a shared ancestor. Sect 2 hd Students will know how fossils are dated, radiometric and relative dating., Rev ch 13 Ch 13 Test
Biology 6th hour same as 5th hour        
Biology 7th hour same as 5th hour