Chemistry Monday

ch 9 Sect 9.  Students will review the three types of stoichiometric reactions. Sect 1 HD

Tuesday: Sect 2 mole ratio calculations. Students will be able to determine the possible mole ratios in balanced equations. Sect 2 Rev.

Wednesday: Sect 3 Limiting reactants: Students will be able to calc. the limiting reactant in a reaction. End of chapter ?'s

Thursday: Percentage yield: Students will be able to determine the expected yields for reactions and det. percent yield when the actual yield is known. Sect 3 Study guide.

Physical Science: Monday: Chapter 16 energy sources: Students will know the primary sources of energy for the world and how the United States produces and uses energy.

Tuesday: Fossil fuels.Students will know how fossil fuels where formed and the three main types of fossil fuels.Sect 1 Rev

Wednesday: Students will know how fossil fuels are mined or drilled for and the process to get fossil fuels to consumers. 

Thursday: Nuclear power: students will know the basic parts of a nuclear reactor and how steam produced creates electricity: Assign Sect 2 HD