Graduation Requirements

Plan 1- College Prep/Work Ready

English4 unitsTo include grammar, composition, literature, or any English course approved for college admissions requirements
Mathematics3 unitsLimited to Algebra 1, Algebra 2, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, calculus, Advanced Placement Statistics, or any mathematics course with content and/or rigor above Algebra 1 and approved for college admissions requirements
Lab Science3 unitsLimited to biology, chemistry, physics, or any laboratory science course with content and/or rigor equal to or above Biology and approved for college admissions requirements
History & Citizenship Skills3 unitsIncluding one unit of American History, one-half unit of Oklahoma History, one-half unit of United States Government and one unit from the subjects of history, government, geography, economics, civics, or non-western culture and approved for college admissions requirements
Foreign Language or Computer Technology2 unitsMust be approved for college admissions requirements whether taught at a high school or a technology center school including computer programming, hardware, and business computer applications, such as word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and graphics, excluding keyboarding or typing courses
Arts1 unit(or set of competencies) from music, art, drama, or speech
OtherPFLElectives1 unitSelected from 1-3 above or career and technology education courses approved for college admission requirements
Total23 units


Plan 2- State Minimum Core

Subject# unitsSpecifics
English4English 1, 2, 3, & 4
Mathematics3Algebra 1 & 2, GeometryAlgebra 3
Science3Biology 1Physical Science, Chemistry, Biology 2, Physiology/Anatomy
Social Studies3OK History/US Government, US HistoryWorld History, Geography, Economics
Arts1Ag Communication, Art, Vocal Music
Computer Technology1Business Computer Applications, Word Processing
Personal Financial LiteracyOther9Electives


Plan 1Plan 2
College Prep/Core Curriculum
Work Ready 20102010
4 - English4 - English
English I English I
English II English II
English III English III
English IV English IV
3 - Mathematics3 - Mathematics
Algebra I Algebra I
Algebra II Algebra II
Geometry Geometry
Trigonometry Contextual Geometry
Math Analysis Trigonometry
Calculus Math Analysis
AP Statistics Precalculus
Approved =/+ Alg I Calculus
Statistics and/or Probability
3 – Laboratory Science Computer Science I
Biology Computer Science II
Chemistry Mathematics of Finance
Physics Intermediate Algebra
Lab Sci =/+ Bio Contextual Courses =/+ Alg I
3 – History & Citizenship3 - Science
American History Biology I
US Government .5 Chemistry I
OK History .5 Physics
History Biology II
Government Chemistry II
Geography Physical Science
Economics Earth Science
Civics Botany
Non-Western Culture Zoology
2 – Foreign Language Astronomy
OR Applied Biology/Chemistry
2 – Computer Technology Applied Physics
Principles of Technology
1 – Additional unit from above Qualified Agriculture
Science =/+ Biology I
1 – Fine Arts or Speech
Personal Financial Literacy3 – Social Studies
US History
7 - Electives US Government .5 to 1
OK History .5
23 - units (LEA may exceed) World History .5 to 1
WE REQUIRE 24 Geography .5 to 1
Anthropology .5 to 1
Testing (Both Plans) Social Studies =/+
Must Pass 4 of 7 Requirements US History
US Government
1. Algebra I; OK History
2. English II; and
3. Two of the following five:2 – The Arts
a. Algebra II
b. Biology I9 – Electives
c. English IIIPersonal Financial Literacy
d. Geometry, and23 – Units or Sets of Competencies
e. US History (LEA may exceed)
(3 units Math must be taken 9-12) WE REQUIRE 24