Week of January 7th-11th Life Skills 1st & 4th Hour Health 2nd Hour English 1 3rd Hour
Monday January 7th Basic First Aid Receive & Study Chapter 15 Vocabulary Words Introduction to Expository Essays LES: PG 679-697
Tuesday January 8th Basic First Aid In class lecture over Chapter 15: Violence Prevention Finish PG 679-697
Wednesday January 9th Basic First Aid Ch. 15 Review PG. 412-413 1-15 & 1-17

Due Thur. by end of class.

Lecture: Writing Expository Warm-Up Paragraph (Comparing two people)
Thursday January 10th Basic First Aid Ch. 15 Vocabulary Test Finish writing paragraphs
1st HourLife Skills8:05-9:00
2nd HourHealth9:05-10:00
3rd HourEnglish 110:05-11:00
4th HourLife Skills11:05-11:55
5th HourConference 12:20-1:15
6th HourJH Athletics1:20-2:15
7th HourHS Athletics2:20-3:16