Monday: CH 11 Gas Laws  Students will be able to use Boyle's Charles and Gay-Lussac's Laws to find missing values(pressure volume and temp) in gas equations. Assign ch 11 ws 1

Tues: Students will use the three laws to form the Combined Gas Law and use it to solve for missing values.

Assign ws 2.

Wednesday: Rev Sect1 and 2 test.

Thurs: Students will take a test over the first 2 sections of the chapter.

Physical Science 

Monday: Ch 22 Chemical formulas: Students will know how to make Lewis dot diagrams and determine the element's reactivity based on the diagram. Assign ws 1.

Tues: Students will combine individual dot diagrams to draw Lewis structures for compounds.

Assign ws 2

Wed: Students will be able to use the periodic table to determine the charge on an ion and write formulas for binary compounds and name them.

Assign ws 3

Thurs: Students will be able to use table in the textbook on page 703 and 707 to write formulas containing transition metals and polyatomic ions.

assign ws 4