Mrs. R's Bio

Hi.  My name is Mrs. Richardson.  Years ago, my student's in Missouri told me that "Richardson" was like tying a long tail on a kite, so they decided that I would become "Mrs. R", and I have been Mrs. R for over 25 years.

I have two sons, six grandchildren and three great-grand children.

I have three cats and four dogs.  Only two of the cats I chose to get, the rest are all rescue animals.

Mrs. R's Jr. High School Schedule

1st Hour- 7th Grade ELA HOME ROOM               2nd Hour- 7th Grade ELA                                      3rd Hour- Conference                                             4th Hour- Leadership/ICAP                               Lunch                                                                      5th Hour- 7th Grade Geography                             6th Hour- Leadership/ICAP                                    7th Hour- Geography

Mrs. R's Lesson Plans

Aug. 15 Thursday - Welcome Back                     Aug. 16  Friday -                                                  Aug. 19 MONDAY- Spelling/Vocab Lesson 1; Geography - Tools; Leadership "Hi, I'm_______."      Aug. 20 TUESDAY- Grammar test                       Aug. 21 WEDNESDAY- FRIDAY- Read "Dandelion Wine" by Ray Bradbury                                         Aug. 26 MONDAY - Spelling/Vocab Lesson 2      Aug. 27 TUESDAY- Plot                                      Aug. 26 WEDNESDAY- CHARACTER                 Aug. 27 THURSDAY- SETTING                          Aug. 28 FRIDAY - RISING ACTIONS