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Debra Crawford's Class
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Lesson Plans


Mrs. Crawford's Lesson Plan

February 2-6









Arrival and Breakfast &:7:45-8:20

Students arrive, put backpacks away & go to breakfast. I may be on breakfast duty, car line duty, bus duty, or hall duty.



                  Check Tiger folders, Lunch Count, Daily Helpers



                  Morning work while students take bathroom breaks


Circle Time:



Flag Salutes, Moment of Silence, leader and door holder review rules, calendar weather, days of the week months, seasons letter recogition, alphabetical order, letter sounds, morning songs, read book of the day.

                              Introduce Phonics Lesson



Phonics/Handwriting: We do Phonics Lesson aloud, then students do a handwriting page on their own.

Lesson 69 (Cc)

Review K and C rule.

Sight words

VCV words.

Make and Read a book called “The Cat”

Color words review



Lesson 70 (Cc)

Blend sounds to read words.

Practice writing lower case and capital Cc correctly on the lines and write some letter c words.

Make a cat with

words to complete sentences.

Lesson 71 (Cc)

Beginning sound of c in words. Review letter sounds.

Lesson 72 (Cc)

Review letter sounds we’ve studied.

Letter Cc pocket pal.

Letter c phonics activity: Cool Cowboy Carl.

Make and read a book called “The Cub”.

Make a letter c cat.



Journals, Table centers

When students complete morning work, they may write and draw in Journals, or Table Centers

CC for Journals: SL.K 6

Recess: 10:00-10:30

Line up and walk to the playground. Helpers: Leader, Caboose-turns off lights and closes classroom door, Door Helpers-opens outside door. 




Get drinks. Take bathroom break. Wash hands for lunch. When students return from break they may be finishing morning work, or we may have an extra work or art activity. Extra time: Journals or look at books.



                         Student's Lunch Period




Math wall, Group work,WorksheetsMath manipulatives, Number writing

Smartboard Lesson/Math book

Pages 107-110

Math book pages 11-114


Pages 115-118 Ordinal Numbers/



Pages 119-122 Review 

Pages 123-126 Numbers 10-13






Self-Selected Centers: Word building cards, Letter tiles, Math tiles, Library Center, Lego Center, Puzzles, writing center, make-your-own art activities, building centers and more. I change these out throughout the year.

I also use this time to help students individually at my desk with make-up work, flash cards/individual help, Dibels, progress monitoring and testing.


Special Class Rotation



Social Studies

Monday: Computers   Tuesday:Library  Wednesday: P.E.

          Thursday: Computers.   Friday: Library


Topic: Groundhog Day Mini-book: Groundhog, Groundhog. What do you See?

writing and reading activity

Monday:  Groundhog Math activity

Tuesday: Groundhog/shadow science activity

Wednesday:  Begin Space Unit; Read about the planets-name them

Thursday:  Space Unit

Friday: Space Unit


1:30-2:00 Recess

Complete work and clean up around desk. Get backpacks ready for home, Bathroom Break , Snack (if time allows). Line up for recess.Walk to playground. 



Students come back to room, get backpacks and line up in either car line or bus line. When bell rings, bus riders go to Mrs. Springer's room, then I take car riders to Car line in hall.