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2018-2019 Yearbook Staff

Amber Berryhill, Jaylie Garcia, Candace Hayes, Chloe Hodge, Bailey Roland

Yearbook Content Policy

By virtue of the fact that the publication is student conceived, planned and produced, as well as a product of an academic program, there are certain guidelines which must be put into practice ethically and legally.

Journalistic in nature, the publication attempts to inform and entertain its audience in a broad, fair and accurate manner on all subjects that affect readers in the areas of lifestyles, academics, clubs, and sports. The entire student body of prospective readers constitutes the target audience for the book with secondary audiences including parents, school personnel, community members and other scholastic journalism groups. Content focuses on coverage which will meet the wants and needs of the majority of our students.

No material, opinionated or otherwise, will be printed which is libelous, irresponsible, advocates an illegal activity or which the editorial board and/or adviser deems in poor taste.

Portrait Policy

All students and school personnel must have their portraits made with the official school portrait photographer to be included in the current volume of the yearbook.

Obituary Policy

Should a student and/or school personnel die anytime during the current coverage period, the staff will treat the death in a tasteful, respectful manner. The portrait of that individual will appear as it would under normal circumstances, but the name of the person and dates of birth and death will be set in a black tinted screened box. This uncommanding treatment will provide adequate memory of the individual for those closely associated while not overemphasizing it for other readers.

Advertising Policy

All advertising accepted by the staff must meet the same guidelines as the content policy. Acceptance of advertising does not constitute an endorsement by the school, the staff as a whole, or its individual members.

Support Calera School

The Yearbook is a fabulous way for local families and businesses to show their support for our school. There are many costs associated with producing a yearbook, and book sales don't cover the entire cost. We depend on the support of others to help offset those costs. Advertising is a great way to show that support, as well as to ensure that your business will be remembered by our community for years to come.

There are several ways you can get involved:


We're looking for people interested in sponsoring books to support the yearbook staff as well as students of Calera School. The yearbook staff needs to order additional books for various reasons to support the staff, and we're looking for patrons to sponsor those books and help offset the cost. Those books are used for various reasons:

1. Each year some students are unable to purchase a yearbook, and we'd like to make sure that every student that wants a yearbook can get one.

2. We also want to be able to purchase extra yearbooks to enter in competitions, so the staff can learn from professional critiques as well as to be able to be recognized for their efforts.

Patrons supporting the staff in this way by making contributions of $50 will be recognized and thanked accordingly in the book.

Business Ads

Whether you have an established print-ready advertisement, a business card, or need a student to help design an ad for you, we can help you get your name out to the student body and show your support for Calera School. Ad prices and instructions are below.

Ad Pricing

  • Page Sponsorship $40
  • Business Card Size $55
  • 1/2 page: $100
  • Full page: $200

You may contact Mrs. White or any yearbook student to come get your ad or you may email it in a JPEG format to bwhite@caleraisd.k12.ok.us.