Ms. Sharon Walker

Math Class Room                                         

Calera High School

Classroom Policies & Procedures 2018-19

Welcome to my class. It is very important that you are present in class as often as possible.

      Students can cover his or her textbook.

  • Brown paper bags can be used
  • No covers with adhesives are to be used
No food or drinks allowed in the classroom without permission

Gum chewing is only allowed if school policy permits

However, if gum chewing is allowed; note the following:

  • No bubbles, popping or smacking
  • Keep gum in your mouth and put in trash when you are through with it.


  • Clear bottled water is permitted (drink responsibly, due to bathroom restrictions)
  • Water bottle must have a lid

Dress Code:

Follow the dress code for Calera High School

How to succeed in the Classroom and not get a referral

         1. Students must be in their seat before the bell stops ringing.

         2. During Independent Time, all students must be working on math assignment.

         3. Bring necessary supplies to class.  (Notebook, homework, writing utensil, red       

             pen and text)

         4. Follow all school policies.

         5. Be prepared to work.

         6. Raise your hand if you have a question.

         7. Respect your neighbor and their belongings. Keep feet off the back of desk/wire


         8. Return all classroom supplies before leaving the class.

         9. Be on time to class. (Do not start running to desk when bell starts ringing)

       10. No negative remarks, feedback or making fun of others mistakes

       11. Respect all classmates, staff members and visitors

       12. Sit in assigned seat when/if one is assigned

Entering classroom:  Enter the room correctly with no horseplay running or   

nonsense. Get needed materials and be in your seat before the bell rings. If you are 

not in your seat when the bell stops ringing, you will be counted tardy. Check in 

with me and let me know you when you are running late. Chit chatting in the hall is          

no reason to be late to class. Utilize your break time wisely. Once seated write down assignment on homework paper and Homework Ledger.



Dismissal of class Ms. Walker dismisses the class, not the bell.. 

Quieting the class  I have a procedure I will use when I want your undivided attention.  You will see me stand with my hand up.  When you see my hand up, the procedure is as follows:

  • Turn and face me; pay attention and keep your eyes on me
  • Be ready for instructions (I have something to say, we may have a visitor entering the class, or an intercom announcement etc.)

Procedures during class:  When I am talking give me your undivided attention.  If you wish to speak, raise your hand and wait until I call on you.

Bathroom visits will not be allowed unless it is an emergency or a Doctor’s note is on file with the office. Go to the bathroom during your break between classes.

Heading on work to be turned in  (PUT IN RIGHT HAND CORNER)

  • Full name *
  • Date *
  • Hour/Class *
  • Chapter/Section Page
  • Assigned problems & Page # (* Required on worksheets)

All problems worked on the board are a part of the assignment, so write them down.

Cheating will not be tolerated.  If you copy or allow your work to be copied, you will receive a zero on the assignment.  This zero can not be made up.


Follow all classroom rules or be prepared to face the consequences. 

     Failure to follow rules may result in any or all of the following:

  • Verbal Warning
  • Parent Notification/Detention
  • Office Referral

SEVERE DISRUPTION: Immediate referral to the Principal

Students who cannot come in for detention should be on their best behavior and not earn extra detention days.   THINK BEFORE YOU MISBEHAVE!

If I allow to go to your locker, you go straight to your locker and back to classroom. You are not allowed to stopped at the bathroom, office etc.

If you are going to be late from another class, check in with me during the 5 minute hall passing

WALKER’S ENCORE 3:15 (Let me know ahead of time if you are coming in)

-Students should come sign in and get help before getting behind and or on the failing list

-Students in extra-curriculum activities should come in and get assignments and help before getting behind and or on the failing list


 Nine Weeks Grade will be based on:

  • Classroom Assignments
  • Tests
  • Notebooks


Semester grades will be determined by averaging 2 nine weeks final grades.

If you notice something wrong about your grade/average please let me know asap, no need to call the office.


Notebooks will be used to keep:

  • Homework Ledger/Homework Reminders “ZAP”
  • Current Homework Assignment
  • Graded Assignments
  • Class Notes/Handouts
  • Definitions/Postulates/Theorems/Corollaries/Properties for each chapter (Geometry Class Only)
  • Classroom Procedures


After each chapter test and nine weeks test, students will turn in notebooks.  The notebook will help ensure each student has test material to study.  After the notebook is graded and test is taken for that chapter then all graded assignments from that chapter can be removed; not recommended.

ALL Homework Ledger/Homework Reminders with work are to be kept in the notebook until the last day of school. Notebooks can be turned in before test date also. Notebook due date reminders will be posted on assignment board in advance.

Keep classroom procedures in the back of your notebook @ all times.



Calculators are to be used in the classroom with permission only


During class keep bags, purses etc off of the desk, keep purses, bags etc zipped up.  There is no need for students to keep their hands in their hoodie pockets, purses, bags etc during class. This helps eliminate the temptation to play with electronic devices. Do not bring backpacks to class.


Turn cell phones off (if you have an emergency, the office will send for you) then put your cell phone on the bookcase or countertop during class. Please do not ask a friend to pick up your cell. I am requesting that all parents, guardians etc call the office instead of calling or texting student during class time.



If you have a school function, be sure to pick up class assignments and reschedule tests.


End of Nine Weeks and End of Semester: Tests and assignments are needed for grade averaging. If you are participating in a school activity, try to come early and turn in homework and/or take test, so your grade can be averaged.


Detention: Written Work will be assigned during this time, so bring a writing utensil, classroom procedures and paper. Do not bring a friend or any electronic devices etc.


  • Sit in teacher’s desk or get into cabinets
  • Get in Teacher’s desk or use podium
  • Leave class when the bell rings, the Teacher dismisses the class
  • Sit on desktops, tabletops counter top or other people’s lap
  • Bring any kind of food and drink to class (No sunflower seeds or popcorn)
  • Get out of chair and mill around the room when their class work is complete/incomplete
  • Horseplay in desk or write/carve on desk
  • Pencil fight or play any other games (no spit wads)
  • Bring CDs, CD Players, Head Phones, Laser Lights, and other electronic devices to class.
  • Bring hats, toboggans, caps, toys, sunglasses etc.
  • Put feet or shoes on desks, chair, or tables (please keep your shoes on)
  • Cram trash in desk, in cabinets or behind desk, etc (please put trash in trash can)
  • Copy other student’s work or allow others to copy their work
  • Leave class without a pass
  • Throw away Classroom procedures/Homework Ledgers
  • Change Teacher’s settings without permission Example: Screen Saver, Printer, AC/Heater etc.
  • Never leave Study Guide in class and expect another one on test day to study
  • Throw things across the room such as pencils, pens, paper wads etc
  • Distract class by making silly sounds, such as burping, etc
  • Press Panic Button without permission
  • Flip light switch off without permission


FIVE POINT BONUS (5 0R NONE) will be given on all homework papers AFTER the following REQUIREMENTS ARE MADE:

  • __________________________ Graded honestly by student with red pen
  • ___________________________FINAL ANSWER In INK (NOT RED INK)
  • ___________________________Cell phone on bookcase/countertop
  • ___________________________Complete (Board Examples Included) & on time
  • ___________________________Correct Heading in right hand corner


Assignments are posted daily on Assignment board; Copy them down


Homework Grading Policy

Homework papers are due the next class period after they are assigned.  There will be a Five Point Bonus for each homework assignment turned in that meets the criteria listed above.  Late papers will adversely affect student grades. All students who fail to turn in their homework on the due date may make up the  Late Work and turn it in during Encore the following morning.  If a student feels they need more time to complete an assignment, please inform Ms. Walker.

Homework Reminders “ZAP” must be attached to make-up-work. Parent Signatures may be required on some Homework Reminders.

Grading System

 Homework Assignments                                                            40% of total grade

Tests                                                                                             40% of total grade

Notebooks                                                                                    20% of total grade 









NINE WEEKS GRADE will be based on:

  • Classroom Assignments
  • Chapter Tests
  • Notebooks


SEMESTER GRADE will be determined by averaging 2 nine weeks final grades.

If you notice something wrong about your grade/average please let me know ASAP, no need to call the office.



After test is complete

  • be quiet until last test is turned in
  • make sure notebook has been turned in, if not work on notebook/ledger
  • pick up graded notebook (usually by bookcase on left side of classroom)
  • grade and turn in assignments that are due
  • work on homework
  • read your library book


HOMEWORK LEDGER (Assignment Sheet) is kept in front of notebook to remind students of:

  • Current homework
  • Missing assignments
  • Average

Remember to keep the HOMEWORK LEDGER updated daily


Points will be subtracted from notebook grade if Homework Ledger is not completely filled out.

Extra Homework Ledgers are kept on Podium (on a clipboard)



Please bring your student to all conferences.


Supplies Needed:

3 Ring Binder 1 1/2 to 2 inch

Graphing Paper

Colored Pencils (Small Pack)

Loose Leaf Paper (College or Wide) (No spiral notebooks please)

Compass (Geometry)

Protractor (Geometry)

Red Pens

Pencils/Ink Pens

Small Ruler

5 Dividers with tabs

Calculator: Example: Casio fx260 solar, fx300 solar etc.