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3rd Grade Lesson Plans


Monday Lesson 12 “A Pen Pal for Max” Vocabulary, Characters/setting, sequencing, table of contents, drawing conclusions, Realistic Fiction
Tuesday Small group Reading “A Pen Pal for Max”. Selection test,  Go over skills from Monday.
Wednesday “Night of the Puffling” Read silently then do skills pages
Thursday Listen to story on CD for fluency. Do vocab test and skills pages.
Friday OCCT skills practice


Monday Write each word 5 times in cursive
Tuesday Worksheet
Wednesday Skills page
Thursday  Practice test
Friday Test


Monday x3; Probability
Tuesday X3; Possible Outcomes
Wednesday X3; Experiments
Thursday X3; Predict outcomes
Friday X3; combinations


Monday Batty Poems, Stellaluna
Tuesday Batty Poems, The Further Adventures of Sam the Scarecrow (Parts of Speech practice)
Wednesday Batty Poems, Fact and Opinion
Thursday Batty Poems, Vocabulary puzzles
Friday Recite Poems

Science/Social Studies

Monday Vocabulary, echolocation, Pal or Pest
Tuesday The Bats of Carlesbad Caverns
Wednesday Where in the World? Mapping
Thursday Bat Vocabulary test
Friday Freedom Friday/Detention


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