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Educational Websites

Awesome site to practice those much needed math skills!  :)


Lots of games including typing games for many ages.

Arcademic Skill Builders

Fun site for math, language arts, and geography.




Brain Pop

An extremely fun way to learn while watching movies and playing games.

Brain Pop Jr

Lots of fun for ages newborn through 3rd grade.

Cool Math

A bright, cheery site to play math and science games.


A super cool site that contains games of math, spelling, geography, and creative content.  You can even pick what age you are so the games are age appropriate.

Discovery For Kids

From building your own roller coaster to being a detective, this site has all kinds of games that are fun for all ages!


Fact Monster

 A site full of all sorts of information and, did I mention, games!



The name says it all!




Guide Word Practice

A great way to practice using guide words.

Guide Word Practice

Another great resource to practice guide words.


Math in a whole new fun way!


This site has from dinosaurs to the farm and science in between.


Knowledge Adventure

A super cool place for all kinds of educational games plus some just fun ones, too.

Letter Generator

This site is a super fun way to help you practice writing a letter.



Math Playground

An awesome site for math and strategic thinking.



Fun games to help you learn how to measure things.

Measurement Page

A site that has all kinds of math skills to practice.  Try it out and see how you do! 

PBS Kids

Educational games that are super fun to play for all ages.



Play Kids Games

This site contains math, logic, spelling, vocab, and much, much more.




Logic, memory, and much more for ages 3-12.

Solar System Facts

A fun place to go to find all kinds of information on our solar system. 

Spelling City

A place to play super cool games with spelling words and vocab.



 A great site for reading and phonics from pre-k up. 

Amazing Typing Lessons

Amazing typing lessons for beginners.




A super fun test of typing words.



Frog Typing Game

The frogs are eating everything!  Help by typing the words to save them.

Guide To Keyboarding

I was told about this page from a group of homeschool students who did research for great keyboarding resources.  They happend to share it with me so now I am sharing with you.  Thanks, guys!  :)

Keyboard Triathlon

A triathlon that tests your typing abilities.



Nimble Fingers

Typing Games for all ages

Spacebar Invaders

Play this fun space game to help you type better.



Typing Chef

See if you have what it takes to cook up some typing skills.

Typing Lessons

Great site to strengthen up your typing skills.  Do YOU have skills???


Typing Sailboat Race

Please help save the sailboat race! And fast!

Counting Money

Practice counting money in a fun way.



Learn to Count Money

Great way to start learning how to count or to practice counting money.

Math Nook

Lots of fun math games to play.



Money Practice Games

A list of money games to practice counting money.

Peter Pig's Money Counter

Help Peter Pig count some money and have some fun!

Math Play

Cool website that helps teach coins and bills.

Fruit Shoot Multiplication

An awesome game to help with multiplication facts.

Multiplication Games

A fun math site that helps you practice your multiplication tables while having a lot of fun.