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Storytown Robust Vocabulary Words & Spelling Words

Lesson 1- “Ruby the Copycat”, “The Singing Marvel”
Spelling Words:  this, went, jump, still, last, dust, tell, drop, shut, lamp, stop, felt, drink, clock, stand
Robust Vocabulary Words: trudged, gushed, coincidence, pleasant, modeled, murmured, loyal, recited, frustrated, imitated
Lesson 2 – “The Day Eddie Met the Author”, “Good Books, Good Times”, “Surprise”
Spelling Words: saved, moved, riding, waking, pulled, taking, hopped, baking, picked, having, letting, running, drawing, folded, shopped
Robust Vocabulary Words: conquer, resistance, assembly, plenty, dismiss, squirmed, patchwork, autographed, ponder, anticipation,
Lesson 3 – “Schools Around the Word”, “Keys to the Universe”
Spelling Words: deep, play, lean, glow, team, away, slow, trail, dream, stain, toast, speed, raise, sweet, layer
Robust Vocabulary Words: proper, boarding chores, certain, resources, culture, tutor, uniforms, literacy, diverse
Lesson 4 – “Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut”, “What’s in the News”
Spelling Words: ants, toys, files, things, boxes, games, lines, rocks, wishes, ladies, dishes, babies, bushes, glasses, puppies
Robust Vocabulary Words: persevere, confidence, talented, apply, research, invention, hinder, disappointed, ambitious, attain
Lesson 5 – “The School News”, “I Live in a Town”
Spelling Words: clock, drink, moved, waking, hopped, folded, stain, layer, team, slow, toast, ladies, flies, bushes, games
Robust Vocabulary Words: image, popular, viewers, survives, camouflage, concealed, independent, donated, media, feature
Lesson 6 – “The Babe and I”, “America’s National Pastime”
Spelling Words: pickup, cannot, outside, bedroom, upstairs, raindrop, baseball, hallway, airplane, mailbox, sunshine, homework, classroom, something, playground
Robust Vocabulary Words: skim, span, shabby, embarrass, midst, elevated, dazed, collapses, contribution, initiative.
Lesson 7 – “Aero and Officer Mike”, “It’s About Dogs”
Spelling Words: chin, itch, push, chef, when, wash, much, sharp, pitch, where, peach, child, wheat, chance, machine
Robust Vocabulary Words: babble suspicious, scent, wanders, whined, obey, demonstrate, patrol, accompany, competent
Lesson 8 – “How Animals Talk”, “Partners in the Wild”
Spelling Words: foil, loud, gown, coil, house, annoy, growl, moist, enjoy, round, spoil, mouse, clown, bounce, cowboy
Robust Vocabulary Words: charging, ferocious, signal, flick, alert, communicate, chatter, grooms, dominant, conflict
Lesson 9 – “Stone Soup”, “The Legend of Johnny Appleseed”
Spelling Words: spray, street, sprint, stripe, screen, strong, spring, stray, scream, strike, spread, string, sprout, scratch, stream
Robust Vocabulary Words: dense, reaction, generous, banquet, gaze, agreeable, curiosity, famine, ingredients, momentum
Lesson 10 – “The Case of the Three Bears’ Breakfast”, “How Living Things Survive”
Spelling Words: airplane, upstairs, something, itch, chef, wheat, chance, push, enjoy, moist, clown, loud, sprint, street, scratch
Robust Vocabulary Words: inviting, amusing, investigate, expert, laboratory, various, suspect, confess, perplexed, inquisitive
Lesson 11 – “Loved Best”, “The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf”
Spelling Words: title, table, uncle, apple, cable, bubble, beetle, rattle, purple, little, middle, simple, saddle, trouble, scribble
Robust Vocabulary Words: swooned, astonished, encouraging, brief, chuckling, soothing, sobbed, praised, envious, rivalry
Lesson 12 – “A Pen Pal for Max”, “Postcards from Around the Globe”     
Spelling Words: gnat, knew, sign, knob, gnaw, write, knees, wrinkle, kneel, wrist, cough, known, rough, wrench, knight
Robust Vocabulary Words: deciphered, mistaken, translate, repairs, heaving, bothersome, din, dodging, catastrophe, fortunate
Lesson 13 – “A Tree is Growing”, “Ancient Trees Survive in California’s Mountains”
Spelling Words: ice, age, rice, edge, stage, giant, range, judge, ledge, police, recent, bridge, office, strange, central
Robust Vocabulary Words: tugged, paused, columns, absorb, protects, rustling, dissolve, particles, scavenger, self-sufficient
Lesson 14 – “One Small Place in a Tree”, “Be a Birdwatcher”
Spelling Words: robin, petal, seven, solid, final, given, color, hotel, wagon, music, total, cabin, taken, pupil, broken
Robust Vocabulary Words: sprout, damp, suppose, roost, spears, strikes, glimpse, maze, transformation, harmony
Lesson 15 – “Ask the Experts”, “Iris and Walter: True Friends”
Spelling Words: title, rattle, saddle, gnat, knight, wrench, rough, edge, police, giant, judge, hotel, seven, broken, taken
Robust Vocabulary Words: luscious, shudder, issue, advice, consult, recommend, sensible, devise, expertise, correspondence
Lesson 16 – “Lon Po Po”, “Abuelita’s Lap”
Spelling Words: coarse, warm, soar, wore, swarm, form, story, warn, bore, sport, glory, force, course, before, fourth
Robust Vocabulary Words: charming, racket, tender, delighted, brittle, embraced, cunning, disguised, ingenious, outwit
Lesson 17 – “Two Bear Cubs”, “Brave Measuring Worm”
Spelling Words: word, girl, burn, work, hurt, verse, purse, clerk, earth, perfect, first, pearl, answer, person, thirsty
Robust Vocabulary Words: awe, concentration, glancing, scolding, console, heroic, drowsy, burden, dilemma, commendable
Lesson 18 – “Me and Uncle Romie”, “The Art of Collage”
Spelling Words: nicer, finest, useful, bigger, really, nicest, faster, lonely, quickly, careful, smaller, playful, biggest, slowly, thankful
Robust Vocabulary Words: dull, towers, glorious, memory, ruined, streak, crept, yanked, masterpiece, heritage
Lesson 19 – “Half-Chicken”, “I Sailed on Half a Ship”
Spelling Words: undo, redo, dislike, react, refill, uneasy, reread, unlike, remove, dishonest, unhappy, rebuild, displease, uncover, rewrite
Robust Vocabulary Words: deliberately, composed, suggested, enormous, exclaimed, swift, vain, overheard, gratitude, compassion
Lesson 20 – “Backstage with Chris and Casey”, “The Cracked Chinese Jug”
Spelling Words: form wore fourth soar warn perfect girl burn work earth bigger finest lonely refill dishonest
Robust Vocabulary Words: tragic, limp, versions, rehearse, mandatory, criticize, immerse, dialogue, camaraderie, flawless
Lesson 21 – “Antarctic Ice”, “Diary of a Very Short Winter Day”
Spelling Words: threw, cool, foot, cook, bruise, hook, tool, brook, booth, school, choose, balloon, cartoon, afternoon, understood
Robust Vocabulary Words:  conserved, strict, absence, shelters, permanently, drifts, scarce, dim, harsh, bleak
Lesson 22 – “Bat Love the Night”, “Bottlenose Dolphins”
Spelling Words: ought, soft, yawn, walk, long, also, thaw, lost, cause, taught, pause, straw, false, author, almost
Robust Vocabulary Words: blanketed, surrounded, nocturnal, effort, dozes, swoops, detail, fluttering, plummet, inverted
Lesson 23 – “Chestnut Cove”, “Mayors”
Spelling Words: input, preset, misuse, inside, preview, incorrect, pretest, mislead, preheat, indoors, misplace, preschool, misread, mismatch, misspell
Robust Vocabulary Words: eagerly, transferred, fondness, emotion, ridiculous, disgraceful, decent inherit, contented, collaborate
Lesson 24 – “Ramona Quimby, Age 8”, “Slam Dunk Water”
Spelling Words: upon, above, cover, apart, either, alike, awake, afraid, across agree, ever, amount, ahead, alive, around
Robust Vocabulary Words: affordable, individually, clutter, visible, mentioned, beckoned, flustered, remark, presentation, effective
Lesson 25  - “The Robodogs of Greenville”, “Fighting for our Freedoms”
Spelling Words: choose, booth, foot, bruise, threw, soft, cause, thaw, false, preschool, misspell, indoors, apart, across, around
Robust Vocabulary Words: confused, shifting, required, functional, inhabitants, amazement, ample, responsibility, futuristic, realistic
Lesson 26 – “Charlotte’s Web”, “Caterpillars Spin Webs Too!”
Spelling Words: section, caution, fiction, nation, action, vision, vacation, motion, question, mention, station, attention, portion collection, session
Robust Vocabulary Words: bristly, dreadful, summoning, nuisance, sedentary, oblige, boasting, sway, adamant
Lesson 27 – “Spiders and Their Webs”, “For You”
Spelling Words: lion, dial, idea, neon, science, area, radio, quiet, piano, fluid, video, loyal, stereo, pliers, create
Robust Vocabulary Words: justice, task, prey, shallow, strands, social, spiral, reels, elaborate, inventive
Lesson 28 – “The Science Fair”, “Advice from Dr. Fix-it”
Spelling Words: doable, famous, careless, various, endless, reliable, nervous, useless, flexible, washable, helpless, terrible, valuable, dangerous, powerless
Robust Vocabulary Words: humor, abroad, sprinkled, expand, erupt, thorough, deliberation, grainy, preparation, gimmick
Lesson 29 – “The Planets”, “Jeremy’s House”
Spelling Words: overnight, bicycle, nonstop, overdue, overlook, biweekly, overflow, nonsense, oversee, overhead, nonfiction, overcoat, nonfat, overdone, biplane
Robust Vocabulary Words: distinct, slightly, rotates, surface, steady, reflects, appears, evidence, infinite, expansive
Lesson 30 – “Voyage Across the Solar System”, “Energy”
Spelling Words: vision, caution, session, fluid, piano, loyal, reliable, flexible, powerless, dangerous, famous, biplane, nonstop, overnight, oversee
Robust Vocabulary Words: aligned, occur, magnify, observed, generates, confirm, picturesque, safeguard, expedition, uncharted