Blue River

Conference County Schools
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   District A - Region B - Division I - Area 4

 Oklahoma Association for Academic Competition

Mid Level


   District A - Region B - Division I - Area 4 Oklahoma

 Association for Academic Competition

Mid Level


  Group B4 - Region B - Class B

 Oklahoma Junior Academic Bowl Association
Schedule Schedule Schedule Schedule
Games begin at 3:00 pm Game 7 - January 16

at Calera VS Tushka

Game 8 – January 23

at Stringtown VS Calera

Game 9 – January 30
at Achille VS Calera

Game 10 – February 6

at Calera VS Caddo

Game 11 – February 13

at Boswell VS Calera

Game 12 – February 20
at Calera VS Bennington

Game 13 – February 27
at Calera VS Colbert

Game 14 – March 6
at Coleman VS Calera

Game 15 – March 13

at Calera VS Coalgate

Social Studies - December 21 Mathematics – December 21 Language Arts – January 31

Science – February 22

Humanities & Fine Arts – March 8

Sweepstakes Announced on March 15

Tournament of Champions
El Reno, Oklahoma

April 5 & 6

District Games

Calera VS Coalgate
Calera VS Silo

District Winners
1st Calera

2nd Coalgate

Regional Games

Calera VS Holly Creek

Calera VS Wright City

Coalgate VS Holly Creek
Coalgate VS Wright City
Silo VS Holly Creek
Silo VS Wright City

Regional Winners
1st Wright City

2nd Coalgate

Area Games

Coalgate VS Holly Creek
Coalgate VS Wright City

Eagletown VS Coalgate
Lukfata VS Coalgate
Glover VS Coalgate

Firebird Tournament Game

At Silo

STATE – El Reno, OK

District Games
Calera VS ColbertJanuary 15 2:30 pm
at Calera

Regional Games

Games will be played at Vanoss

Saturday, February 16, 2019leave school at 7:45 am

Games begin at
10 AM

Calera VS Latta
Calera VS Stratford
Calera VS Vanoss

Calera VS Wynnewood
Calera VS Caddo
Calera VS Rock Creek
Calera VS Silo
Calera VS Amber-Pocasset

Calera VS Ninnekah

Calera VS Oakdale

Calera VS Robin Hill

Double Elimination

Winners advance to STATE in Norman

STATE OJABA April 13, 2019

Games begin at 10 AM