2011 - 2012 April 9 - 13

SUBJECT Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 

U. S. History First  Hour

post WWII EOI dis. Johnson Kennedy

Cont. Post WWII EOI.  Cold War.

Cont. dis. post WWI Civil Rights and Women's Rights. Cont. dis. and prepare for test. Test over EOI material.

Civics/Government Second Hour

Cont. rd. and dis. ch. 9. Do voc. ws and catch up on make up work. Cont. rd. and dis. ch. 9 Go over ws in class an dis. sec. 2 and 3 ws ch. 9. dis. the sections. sec. 4 ws and rev. for test ch. 9 Ch. 9 test.

World History Third Hour

Int. ch. 12 and do terms. Wk on sec. 1 and 2 ws. Catch up on make up work. dis. sec. 1 and 2 ch. 12 The Renaissance. Cont. dis. ch. 12. rd. sec. 3 and 4. do sec. 3 and 4 ws. Cont. dis. ch. 12 sec. 3 and 4.

Sociology Fourth Hour

Cont. dis. ch. 11 sec. 2. rd. the ch.

Cont. rd. and dis. ch. 11 sec. 2  and 3. Do rev. ws ch. 11. Do un. soc. ideas and rev. for ch. 11 test. Ch. 11 test.