Social Studies

Unit 1: Rules and Laws
Rules and laws guide people to live safely and be responsible citizens.
Lesson 1: School Rules
Why should we follow rules?
Critical Thinking Skills: Solve a Problem
Lesson 2: Community Rules
How do laws help communities?
Map and Globe Skills: Read a Map
Lesson 3: People Lead The Way
How do community leaders help people?
Citizenship Skills: Make a Choice By Voting
Lesson 4: Government Helps Us
How do government services help us?
Citizenship: Police Officers and You
Lesson 5: Our Rights
How can you show respect for the rights of others?
Citizenship Skills: Work and Play Together
Biography: Rosa Parks
Unit 2: Where People Live
People live in many different locations. Where people are affects the way they live.
Lesson 1: Finding Where You Are
How can a map help you find places?
Map and Globe Skills: Use a Globe
Lesson 2: Land and Water
What kinds of land and water does the United States have?
Lesson 3: People and Places
How does where people live affect their shelter and transportation?
Map and Globe Skills: Find Directions on a Map
Lesson 4: People Use Resources
How do people use and save resources?
Biography: George Washington Carver
Lesson 5: What’s the Weather?
How does weather affect people?
Unit 3: We Love Our Country
We learn about our country through its symbols, heroes, and holidays.
Lesson 1: Our Country Begins
What are the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution?
Biography: George Washington
Primary Sources: Learning About Freedom
Lesson 2: I Pledge Allegiance
What is the Pledge of Allegiance?
Lesson 3: American Symbols
What are our country’s symbols important?
Chart and Graph Skills: Read a Diagram
Field Trip: The Liberty Bell
Lesson 4: Holidays and Heroes
Why do we have national holidays?
Chart and Graphs Skills: Read a Calendar
Citizenship: Flag Day
Unit 4: Our Changing World
In many ways, people today are the same as people who lived long ago, but the way people live has changed over time.
Lesson 1: People Long Ago
How are the lives of people today different from the lives of people long ago? How are they the same?
Study Skills: Use Visuals
Lesson 2: Schools Long Ago
What were schools like long ago?
Chart and Graph Skills: Put Things in Groups
Lesson 3: Communities in the Past
What can happen to communities over time?
Chart and Graph Skills: Use a Time Line
Lesson 4: Changes in Transportation
How has transportation changed over time?
Critical Thinking Skills: Tell Fact from Fiction
Biography: Neil Armstrong
Unit 5: Meeting People
Although people in our country may have come from different backgrounds, they share some beliefs.
Lesson 1: The First Americans
How have Native Americans affected our culture?
Chart and Graph Skills: Follow a Flowchart
Biography: Sacagawea
Lesson 2: People Find New Homes
How have immigrants added to our culture?
Lesson 3: Expressing Culture
What can folktales tell you about cultures?
Lesson 4: Sharing Cultures
How do people celebrate their cultures?
Lesson 5: Families Around the World
How do families meet their needs?
Unit 6:The Market Place
People trade goods and services with each other, and make choices about how to spend their money.
Lesson 1: Goods and Services
Why are goods and services important?
Chart and Graph Skills: Read a Picture Graph
Lesson 2: Jobs People Do
What kinds of jobs do people do?
Biography: Cesar Chavez
Citizenship:  Helping Others
Lesson 3: Buyers and Sellers
Why do people buy and sell?
Critical Thinking Skills: Make a Choice When Buying
Lesson 4: Working in a Factory
How are goods made in a factory?
Chart and Graph Skills: Use a Bar Graph
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