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Baccalaureate information:

Place: Calera First Baptist 

Date: May 6, 2018 

Time: 6:00 PM


There are currently no announcements.


2018 Testing Schedule

April 3 - Junior ACT test (FREE)**
**It is now a state requirement for graduation, that Juniors  participate in the ACT test offered at their school campus.  ACT's taken at other venues will NOT count.

4/9 - 8th Reading (morning only)
4/10 - 8th Readings (morning & afternoon)
4/11 - 7th Reading (morning & afternoon)
4/12 - make-up day if needed

4/16 - 8th Math (morning & afternoon)
4/17 - 7th Math (morning & afternoon)
4/18 - 8th Science (morning & afternoon)
4/19 - make-up day if needed

4/23 - 11th Science (morning & afternoon)
4/24 - ACT make-up day

It is imperative that your child be here ALL DAY on the days they are scheduled to test.  Please schedule your appointments on alternate days of your child's scheduled test dates.